About Rachel


Rachel Dean is a Business Professional working within the insurance industry. She is a California native; born and raised in San Diego along with her five siblings (four brothers, one sister). Her parents owned their own business within the technology industry and Rachel knew from an early age that she wanted to achieve the same thing as an adult – financial security and freedom in business.

In 1999, Rachel graduated from Ranch Bernardo High School. A few years later, in February of 2002, she welcomed her first daughter, Megan, into the world with her husband at the time. As a young mother, it was important to Rachel to stay home with her daughter and really embrace motherhood. She stayed home for several years and began settling into domestic life. She did; however, not forget about her dream of owning her own business.

In 2007, Rachel moved to Las Vegas and began working in the entertainment industry. She worked as a promotional model, tradeshow model, cocktail waitress, as well as a dancer in events. She very much enjoyed the Las Vegas environment and the fact that she was choosing which jobs to accept, enabled her to have that sense of freedom she longed to have in her own business one day.

Shortly after, she met her current husband, Chris. They had their first daughter together in 2009, and during this time she again stayed home raising her two children. In 2011, she became pregnant with their 3rd daughter; however, when she was in her 8th month of pregnancy Rachel went into preterm labor, and their baby girl Addyson Grace tragically passed away due to complications during the delivery. Rachel and Chris were devastated but she kept faith during this time and began focusing on herself. She developed herself spiritually and emotionally, allowing herself to heal. She realized how fragile life is and became stronger through the pain. Just two months after Rachel and Chris lost their daughter, she became pregnant with their son. He was born eight months later in July of 2012. Rachel endured an incredible loss and was able to come out on the other side. Her family now feels complete and she is a stronger women for having survived this traumatic experience.

“He was my miracle baby after losing Addison and every day I see his happy smiling face I see my baby angel protecting him!!”

In 2013, Rachel started developing her own business, focusing on business services and insurance; however, there was something missing. There is nothing more important to Rachel than family and that aspect ended up being the missing link in her business. She shifted her target customer demographic and today Rachel has an agency called Horizia Enterprises (in full, Global Unity Management DBA Horizia Enterprises), an independent sales office that works directly with Family First Life to help families with their various insurance needs. Rachel loves helping families and ensuring financial security for loved ones. She is proud of what her company stands for and is excited to continue developing her business.